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Woodworking Courses

We offer hands on small classes with one on one instruction for the beginner to professional woodworker.  Below are just some of the workshops that we offer with more to come. Or if there is a woodworking technique you want to master or project of your own, you want help with, let us know and we can accommodate you in our fully equipped workshop.


Bench making

Our bench making class, is designed for all levels of woodworkers. The class focuses on both precision hand tool work and machine work. Each student will learn detailed joinery techniques, develop an understanding of wood movement and will finish the class with a high quality working bench for their home shop. 


Jewelry Box making

Our jewelry box class is designed to take hand tool work to a level of excellence.  This class focuses on the students understanding construction using two dimensional plans, working with small sized components, precise layouts, and attention to detail. Joinery instruction includes traditional English dovetails, router table techniques, shooting board methods, and several important skills.


Introduction to hand tool work

This course takes the student through several challenging exercises designed to teach hand tool work using hand planes, chisels, and other tools to an accuracy shop specification 1000th of an inch.  The course also includes instruction on blade sharpening techniques and a focus on accurate layout method



Our veneering course teaches basic veneer work such as book matching to more complicated projects such as a sunburst tray.  Students will gain a full understanding of laying out veneer, cutting and shooting veneer, gluing up veneer, as well as how to repair veneer. 



This course traditional seven step method of caning first introduced in the 17th century. Students will cane a sample chair seat in order to acquire the skills to cane any basic furniture structure that they make or repair. The course covers types of cane available, tools and supplies needed. 


French Polish

French polish is a traditional furniture finish dating back to the 18th century. This class is designed to take the mystery out of the art of french polishing.  The student will learn all aspects of how French polish is made and the correct technique required to apply the finish to perfection.  

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